Na Na

Hello everyone. It’s me Na Na – who took a flight years ago right from my homeland Vietnam to come and live in your beautiful country – Japan. I’m enjoying my 5th year here. Wow..Time flies! I have been working as an English teacher for kids and adults since 2016, and currently I’m an English trainer at Maroon!

One of my favorite English words is “affection” which means “the feeling of love and care very much about somebody”. I believe that when we “affect” someone with “love” and “care”, it would always be wonderful things.

For me, teaching English is the thing that I enjoy doing the most, especially teaching kids – our world’s young generation. At Maroon, we show kids our affection, we care about them and guide them to a brand new world with fantastic experience through activities that all be done in English.

Being immersed in English at young ages is a wonderful opportunity and important step for kids to the road of becoming a global citizen. With all the effort that we have been making, I hope that kids would have so much fun at Maroon and more importantly be able to communicate in English confidently.

皆さんこんにちは、ナナと申します。私は5年前にベトナムからこの美しい国、日本に来ました。時が経つのはとても早いです!2016年から英語を教えおり、生徒は子供から大人までいました。そして今はMAROONの先生です! 私の好きな英単語の1つとして「affection」という言葉があります。誰かに対する愛情、または愛着という意味です。誰かを愛し気にかけるというのはとても素晴らしいことだと思っています。



Sumudu Herath


My name is Sumudu Herath. I am from Gampaha, Sri Lanka. I have been living in Japan for 6 years. I studied Japanese at a Language school in Chiba for nearly one and a half years. Then I entered Tokyo Seitoku University with English as a major.

Also I have nine years experience teaching English for elementary Classes in a Private Institute. I love teaching because every single day we make a difference in some kid’s life which for beyond knowledge. I love kids and when they improve their knowledge it makes me happy.

In Maroon, I hope to create the classroom where students can learn English fun and easy. Therefore, we can learn better and more enjoyably than just studying.




Akeem Clark

皆様こんにちはアメリカのジョージア州出身 アキーム クラークです。



私は日本が大好きです。MAROONでは実際に生活するフレーズに力を入れて教えています。英語を詰め込み式で覚えるだけにとどまって、知識があるのに話す機会がまったくない あるいは、アウトプットするスキルを磨けていない子供たちにをたくさん日本の学校で見てまいりました。